We sent our LEGO shows, Kingdom and Ice Age to Brick Live Basel for visitors to enjoy as part of a LEGO-filled weekend. Visitors came from across Switzerland, France and Germany to look at the life-sized LEGO models and take part in some unique LEGO activities.

Thousands of people were able to get a photo with Mythrog, our LEGO dragon who stands at over 4 metres tall and 5 metres long. He was joined by Princess Orra, Abbra the Wizard, Sir Studley the Knight, Chester the Jester and Torre the Huntswoman, alongside mythical creatures like our LEGO Griffin. The LEGO throne provided an ideal photo opportunity, and Bright Bricks’ own Ed Diment was a very willing participant, dressed as knight and equipped with a LEGO shield and sword just in case Mythrog started any trouble.

Alongside Kingdom, our Ice Age creatures provided spectacular LEGO models for visitors to admire, including the LEGO Sabre-toothed tiger. Our world records, the largest LEGO Woolly Mammoth and the tallest LEGO Giant Moa, stood nearby and impressed visitors with the sheer scale of the models.

Visitors also got to see an early model from our upcoming Brickosaurs show, which will become an incredible pre-historic adventure for the whole family next year. The Megalosaurus head is perfect for selfies and visitors old and young wasted no time in climbing through the head to pose for the camera.

Brickosaurs will be available in 2018, so make sure you follow our Facebook page and check back regularly for updates on where you’ll be able to see it. With 60 stunning dinosaur models, including a massive, life-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex, it’s going to be unmissable!

The LEGO castle community build was a great way for all visitors to play a part in creating a giant LEGO structure. Everyone took on building duties and created LEGO bricks for the Bright Bricks team to carefully piece together. By the Sunday, a huge castle had been formed and it provided a suitable abode for some of the smaller dragons from the Kingdom show, who carefully guarded it during the night.

Words by Bright Bricks. Photography by Andrew Tipping. Thanks to Brick Live and MCH Group.

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