A LEGO Carnival

Rio Carnival is the biggest carnival in the world, with over 2 million people on the street every day of the five day festival. We couldn’t quite fit 2 million minifigures in our diorama (!), but our LEGO artists still managed to pack a snapshot of the carnival full of detail.

Colour, detail, theatrics; Rio Carnival is the perfect setting for a LEGO diorama. Get up close with our take on a bloco de rua, complete with a feverish crowd and two intricately-designed LEGO floats; and see how, with the flick of a switch, the parade shows a new side, lit only by the buildings that line the street.

Our Rio Carnival LEGO diorama forms part of our Civilisations show, alongside scenes from Hong Kong Harbour, Milan Fashion Show and an Arabian Souk.

Words and photos by Bright Bricks.