Advice for aspiring LEGO Builders

11 year old Daniel won a competition to report on the world record LEGO build in Liverpool, as LEGO unveiled the world’s largest LEGO wind turbine. Daniel interviewed Duncan Titmarsh, Bright Bricks’ managing director, and asked a question that many people would like to know the answer to:

“What is your advice to children who would like the same job as you?”

Hopefully Duncan’s answer is something you can take away and start on – will you accept his challenge and build things from your kitchen in LEGO?

You’ve got to practice building things you don’t normally build. Don’t worry about colour; what you’re looking for is shape.

Go to the kitchen, take something out of the cupboard and then recreate that as near to real-life size as you can. Everything in the kitchen is generally round, so if you practice building round things from square bricks, that’s what you need to learn.

Duncan also revealed his own ambition – to build a life-size London red double decker bus!

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