The Battle for Brick Kingdom

Alongside the LEGO models for our show of swords and sorcery, Kingdom, we’ve developed a story for the characters themselves. Debuted in full at BRICKLIVE London, here is our LEGO stop motion animation that brings the story to life…

For decades, the villainous, vain Baron has had his eye set on the throne of the peaceful Brick Kingdom. After years of planning, he and his armies have finally struck. Invading the Royal Palace and taking the Princess Orra hostage, they have forced the King into a bitter exile. To crush any further resistance, the Baron’s Dark Wizard has enchanted the mighty dragon Mithrog, and set him upon the lands, striking terror into the Kingdom’s people and routing those who would rise up against the Baron. With the Brick Kingdom’s own wizard Abbra missing since a fateful duel with the Dark Wizard, it seems that nobody is left to stop the Baron’s nefarious plot.

Before she was captured, the brave Princess managed to send a letter to her trusted allies, Sir Studley the Knight and Torre the Huntswoman. An unlikely pairing, these two warriors must find the wizard Abbra and free the dragon, journeying through a land of fierce warriors and ravenous monsters. If they fail, Baron will be truly unstoppable, and the Brick Kingdom will be lost forever.

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