Build Your Home

To start our Challenge series, we set our 4 newest LEGO builders the task of creating their own home out of LEGO.

Now it’s your turn!

Challenge Criteria
1. The home must fit on a 32 stud square plate (you may combine plates if you need to)
2. The home may be as tall as you’d like
3. If you’d like to build your garden, you may extend beyond the 32 stud plate.

Things to consider
1. Could you have a detachable roof and reveal internal detail?
2. Could you add something quirky to make your home stand out?
3. Try to build in scale and don’t worry about colour.
4. Are you using any advanced techniques?
5. Try not to connect parts in a way that puts stress on the pieces.
6. Homes come in all shapes and sizes.

Here are the homes that our LEGO builders built – which design techniques could you use as inspiration?

Tom W

Tom’s LEGO home features a really interesting roof design that detaches in three parts to reveal the interior. The roof parts actually hang over the windows, which gives them enough support to stop any movement.

The garden looks unwieldy!


Nathan’s home features a more traditional roof that rests over the main part of the home. If you look closely, you’ll see a ledge which allows the roof to sit without much movement.

The conservatory roof can also be detached, allowing a view of a table and chairs below – ideal for a summer’s day, no doubt.

Tom K

Tom’s model featured the complexity of a dormer, which is seamlessly built into the ‘original’ roof. The guttering adds a nice level of detail, alongside finishing touches like the satellite dish and the exposed brickwork in the garden.

The hinged roof on the conservato…WAIT! He has a dinosaur fossil under his drive?!


Katie’s LEGO home features an incredibly low amount of visible studs, which adds a level of realism to the model. That roof looks like it could withstand the strongest of storms!

The flowers and stepping stones may give you some inspiration if you have a particularly floral garden.

Send your builds to or tag us on social media and we’ll post some of our favourites. Don’t forget to include your name and the town or city you live in.