Kingdom Legends: Age of Beasts

You’ve seen the models, and met the characters. Now, join us as we dive deeper into the world of Kingdom. This time, we examine some of the fabulous creatures that inhabit the realm.

Appendix 2: The Age of Beasts

The vast continent of the Brick Kingdom was once home to hundreds of fantastic, mystical creatures, turning the mountains, forests and rivers into rich tapestries of diverse life. Dragons shared the skies with griffins, phoenixes and pegasi, and Flyleaf Forest was thick with goblins, manticores, faeries and satyrs. Most of humanity lived in harmony with these amazing beasts, or at least learned to respect them, and the magic of the land flourished as it had since mankind first stepped out of its caves.

Even the largest and most terrifying dragons were once mischievous whelps like these.

Then came the War of Provinces, and many of these beasts fled to other, lost lands to escape the chaos. Even the fearsome elemental dragons, Mithrog’s kin, fled to other continents, or to the uncharted, frozen south. After unifying the realms, the Brick Kingdom pledged to respect and protect the few creatures that remained, to keep the history of these mystical lands alive.


With the dragons all but gone, the skies now belong to the majestic falcons and their undisputed lords and ladies; the griffins. With the body of a lion, and the head, front claws, and feathered wings of an eagle, griffins are both bizarre hybrids and yet breathtaking in their natural splendour. According to legend, griffins are as intelligent as dragons, and to hear one speak in the tongue of man is to be bestowed with good fortune until the end of days. The Griffin province of yore held this avian beast in high regard, above all others, believing it represented chivalry and honour.


Unicorns such as Brilliance are rare in the Brick Kingdom, keeping to areas of natural purity like Flyleaf Forest, away from the trials that man brings with it. Appearing as a horse with a single, conical horn on its head, the unicorn is inextricably tied to the element of Light, which it uses to purify its surroundings, removing poisons and curing sicknesses, but only for those with goodness in their hearts. Only someone whose heart is truly pure may ride a unicorn.

With the Brick Kingdom protecting the last magical creatures, it seemed the land’s natural mystical heritage would not be lost. But that was before the Baron attacked – what might the future hold now?

Words and photos by Bright Bricks.