Kingdom Legends: Flyleaf Forest

You’ve seen the models, and met the characters. Now, join us as we dive deeper into the world of Kingdom.

Appendix 3: Flyleaf Forest

Located in the middle of the Brick Kingdom, Flyleaf Forest is a vast, dense haven for all manner of floral and faunal life. It is one of the last truly wild places in the realm, along with the northern mountains and the Forest of Tears.

When mythical beasts started retreating from the realm, many of those that remained chose to relocate to Flyleaf Forest, resulting in it becoming bizarrely diverse. Here, the food chain ranges from woodpeckers to dragon whelps, wolf pups to unicorns, and everything in-between. Keeping watch on its behalf, against potential human invaders, is Torre the Huntswoman.

Torre the Huntswoman, with her trusty Peregrine falcon, Lightning.

Fierce and territorial, but hiding a good heart, Torre the Huntswoman was raised in the harsh Forest of Tears, far from Flyleaf; an old washerwoman living alone found the infant Torre wrapped in a blanket, and left on her doorstep.

The brutality of the wild taught gave Torre the skill and the insight to track a mouse over a desert, and Torre is often employed by the crown to put this to good use to track down enemies of the Kingdom. When she is not working for the King, she is back in Flyleaf, vigilantly guarding this reservoir of wild creatures.

Torre is seldom seen without her loyal hunting wolves, Fang and Spike, whose keen senses and limitless energy are vital to her expeditions. Raised from pups to recognise Torre as their pack alpha, these wolves use their keen animal senses to smell and hear what Torre, with her limited human senses, cannot. Together, they are a formidable hunting party, and no quarry can evade them for long. The wolves are also savage in battle, and will lay down their lives to protect their alpha.

They would follow Torre to the ends of the earth, and if she is to help save the Brick Kingdom from the Baron, they may well do just that!

Eagles and Falcons
The people of the Brick Kingdom have a peculiar relationship with the realm’s eagles and falcons. Using these elegant creatures to deliver writs and letters is commonplace, but the townspeople also have a great deal of respect for the birds. Once a year, in Crown Square, a festival is held in honour of falcons and eagles, raptors and larks, to thank them for their loyal help.

Knights will often place the images of falcons on their shields or banners, as heraldic symbols for loyalty, swiftness, and acuity. The gyr falcon (above), which comes down from the frozen Far North, settles in Flyleaf Forest during the winter. Old wives have long whispered that the gyr falcons act as messengers from the ancient ice spirits, though what the secrets they bring to Flyleaf Forest are remains a mystery. As a heraldic symbol, the gyr falcon is reserved for kings and nobility, such as Sir Jordahan, a trusted knight of King Duncan II.

Lightning is Torre’s messenger falcon. The two share a mystical sight-bond.

Peregrine falcons (above) are more common across the Brick Kingdom, but though they fly out far and wide across the lands, most make their nests in Flyleaf Forest. For the peregrine falcon, no terrain is too ominous, no climate too harsh, which makes them great messengers across long distances. Lightning is Torre’s personal messenger falcon, but their connection runs deeper. After an encounter with Old leshy, in Flyleaf’s older woods, Torre discovered that if Lightning cooperated, she could see through his eyes as well as through her own, which soon became invaluable when tracking the Baron’s insurgents within Crown City’s walls. It also gives Lightning an elevated perspective to other peregrine falcons, though what this truly means has yet to be revealed.

Ironclaw, the golden eagle.

As a protected wood, full of life and magic, Flyleaf Forest will only continue to grow…unless the Baron’s shadow falls across the land. If Torre and her allies fail to restore the King, then not even Flyleaf Forest will be safe from the Baron’s dark designs!

Words and photos by Bright Bricks.