Kingdom Legends: Magic of the Elements

You’ve seen the models, and met the characters. Now, join us as we dive deeper into the world of Kingdom. This time, we take a look into the mystical forces that govern the reality of the Brick Kingdom.

Appendix 4: The Magic of the Elements

The realm of the Brick Kingdom is full of different types of magic – like Brilliance the Unicorn’s power to purify the sick and the vile, or Abbra’s ability to transport himself across the kingdom in the blink of an eye – but they can all be traced back into the mysterious Elements that coarse through the very fabric of reality. Everything in the Brick Kingdom, from land to sea to sky, is drawn from the Elements, and it is out of the Elements that magic flows.

Abbra’s Magic Staff

Long thought to be the most powerful wizard in the Brick Kingdom, it is Abbra’s deep understanding of the harmony between elements that allows him to manipulate them effectively. One of his smartest ‘fixes’ was to infuse his staff with multiple elements, to teach him to balance more than one element at any one time. The wooden shaft is laced in invisible vines of the power of Nature, while the enchanted sapphire set into the staff’s tip draws its power from deep in the Earth where it was found. Through those two elements alone, Abbra has learned to connect himself to the land at large, and with years of training he can move across it in the blink of an eye. No distance is too great for Abbra to cross – unless, of course, it is separated by sea, as neither soil nor tree can cross the element of Water.


Though all dragons can breathe fire through special glands in their mouth, when a dragon whelp starts to mature it also develops a connection to another element. Mithrog, the most fearsome and powerful of the dragons in the Brick Kingdom today, is rooted to the element of Fire, making his scorching breath hotter and his embers almost impossible to put out. His children, however, range all the way from the erratic power of Storm, to the rough, coarse power of Sand.

In his volcanic lair, Mithrog’s command of the element Fire is absolute. Woe betide any unfortunate travellers who wander into his ‘kingdom’!

When a dragon is fully grown, it will normally make its home closest to its element: Mithrog’s lair is in the northern mountains, within a dormant volcano, while Ghilrog, the Sand dragon of ancient myth, made his home under the desert dunes on the realm’s eastern edge. A dragon will always be at its strongest when in harmony with its element, out in the wild.

From left: dragon whelps of the elements Light, Fire, and Sand.

Unlike many creatures, dragons are intelligent, and can learn to harness their elemental powers in a number of creative ways. Iras, of Mithrog’s brood, is a Light dragon, and uses her power to turn invisible…or at least, to try to.

Rune Stones

Fashioned in an age of long-forgotten secrets, the Rune Stones are the last remaining relics of the land before the Brick Kingdom, when faeries roamed the wilds, untamed lands. It is said that uniting the Rune Stones and translating their lost language can summon those ancient faeries back to the Brick Kingdom, but equally, another legend says that they simply read “Oberon was here”.

The faeries were closer to nature than mankind, and tightly tied to all of the elements. So, in turn, were their Rune Stones; runesmiths would assign an element to each letter. Every full word written by a series of Rune Stones can fulfil a complete Elemental Seal, making them very powerful magic indeed. Even Abbra would have trouble harnessing all of these Rune Stones at once, lest the sheer number of these combined elements overwhelm him!

Of course, some rewards are well worth the risk of failure, and it may only be a matter of time before the Dark Wizard tries to control them, where Abbra has not.

Words and photos by Bright Bricks.