Kingdom Legends: Dawn of the Brick Kingdom

You’ve seen the models, and met the characters. Now, join us as we dive deeper into the world of Kingdom.

Appendix 1: The Dawn of the Brick Kingdom

Long ago, in a time of myth and magic, the lands were consumed by war. Numerous provinces fought to protect their land, or to take it from their neighbour, and everywhere there was fear and strife in the streets. In the later months of the war, it seemed as though the devious Dragon province would be victorious. If they were, if the other provinces fell to the banner of the Dragon, then the people of the land would never know peace again, for the Dragon King was ruthless and greedy, and had no regard for his subjects.

From left: The Griffin, Crown, and Dragon provinces.

Finally, with the help of the then-young wizard Abbra, the Crown province repelled the forces of the Dragon, and united the lands under a banner of peace. Under the rulership of King Duncan I, this new, more bountiful, more just realm became the Brick Kingdom. As their final act in the realm, the elves gifted King Duncan a beautiful set of crown jewels, fashioned from dwarven gold, and inlaid with silver and precious, mystical gemstones. This dazzling regalia became a key icon for the Brick Kingdom, a symbol of pride for peasant and royalty alike that would last through the generations.

From left: Sovereign Sceptre, Orb of Candor, Crown of the Brick Kingdom, Chalice of Grace, and the Sword of Light. All gifts from the elves of Flyleaf Forest.

The Dragon King, his land lost, his power diminished, fled to the Barony on the new kingdom’s eastern border. The sorcerous warlord made a pact with the equally power-hungry Baron, and became his court magician, known to future generations as the Dark Wizard to hide his identity.

Still of the Dark Wizard, taken from The Battle for the Brick Kingdom.

The Brick Kingdom’s hard-won peace would last for decades, and be forever remembered as a Golden Age of prosperity. But as long as men desire power and wealth, no Golden Age can last forever, and in the time of King Duncan IV, war would come to the Brick Kingdom once again.

Words and photos by Bright Bricks.