Maths Week, LEGO and a Blue Whale?

Last week, Bright Bricks visited Camelsdale Primary School to put on an activity and presentation for the Year 4 & 5 children during Maths Week 2018. What do you get if you add 64 children, 2 Bright Bricks staff and more blue LEGO bricks than you can count…

It was an event that would leave many thinking ‘Why didn’t we do that when I was at school?’, and by the reaction of the children at Camelsdale Primary School, we’re wondering if they will ever forget the day they got to discover more about LEGO during a maths lesson!

We sent Ed and Megan to Camelsdale to give a presentation about what Bright Bricks do and how maths is involved in our every day work. Ed explained how volume, ratios, scale, angles and many other parts of their maths classes were being used to create our models – from the smallest insects in Safari to the giant Dragon in Kingdom, and everything in between. Of course, many us at Bright Bricks have now learnt to count in studs and bricks, but the theory is still the same!

After the presentation, we carried out an activity about scale using 2×4 blue bricks. Ed made a blue whale and we then used this as a prototype to create a 1:4 version of the whale. We taught the children how to make a 4-scale 2×4 brick which they continued to build for us whilst Ed constructed the larger model. They loved this and made them think about what else they could build to that scale.

The children were all really engaged and it was wonderful to see them all working together to help build something to be proud of.

After the 4-scale build they then went on to create their own sea creatures using just 2x4s – we had some turtles, angler fishes, sharks, dolphins and seaweed! They all used their imagination to create something different. In total, we managed to see 64 children across the Puffins (Year 4) and the Lemurs (Year 5), and the feedback from them was so nice to hear.

Liza Cale, Maths Subject Leader at the school, said “We have had a fantastic week and the children really appreciated your workshop (as you will see from their evaluation forms!). It has been great to have your input! We are very grateful for your time and efforts to support the school.”

And we couldn’t resist showing you some of those feedback forms and adorable thank you letters from the …

Photos and words by Bright Bricks.